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Preparing for a concrete pour when the weather is hot...

There is a lot to prepare for when placing concrete and it's more difficult when its hot.

Make sure your builder structural engineer and suppliers are all taking all the right steps to mitigate cracking. Some things to consider beyond standard base preparation and reinforcement:

- wet down the base and reinforcement immediately prior to concrete placement

- ensure your concrete supply is within the correct temperature range when it is delivered (sometimes you need to turn away unsuitable concrete)

- use aliphatic alcohol to reduce evaporation while screeding

- flood the new slab as soon as it is curing and either keep it wet until cured or get a curing compound on there as soon as is practically possible.

- complete any saw cuts as soon as is practically possible.

With the preparations complete, the team from Naturform take on some fluids themselves ready for the pour of this external slab. No cracks now, no cracks expected!

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